Lindsey Live Box

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Lindsey Live Box

This box will contain supplies for 2 different live tutorials. These Boxes will ship September 25th so please order Separately. The live will be October 4th and October 10th 

First Tumbler will be a Caldron Cup using Mica, Glow and pearls and will include

1 mica

1 Glow

1 decal


1 Microfine Glitter


Second Tumbler will be: Tattoo Princess on a vinyl peekaboo Crackle cup

Supplies included

1 Sheet of Vinyl

Acrylic Paint

Crackle Medium

1 Glitter

Waterslide sheet with 4 Tattoo princesses


You will need 2 tumblers of your choice preferably a non tapered one for the Crackle cup. Epoxy.

Lindsey Live Box

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