Polar Blast Lid and Assembly

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21 and over only

Universal to most 20 ounce tumbler similar to YETI, Ozark Trail, etc. 

This is a complete kit that includes 1 of each:

The Polar Blast lid made from the best food grade polycarbonate

The down stem is food grade 304 Stainless Steel

Food Grade Silicone Nozzle Available in Tie Dye and Glow in The Dark

ONE Lead free glass bowl 

  The Polar Blast lid is a 14mm universal female socket and you can use a flower bowl, dab rig, vape, pretty much anything that can fit in a 14mm.  It will produce the coldest smoke from your custom tumbler.

The Polar Blast Lid:

What size tumbler does this fit?
- The Polar Blast lid will fit MOST 20oz. tumblers.
- The Polar Blast Lid does NOT fit the “skinny” tumblers.

What is the tab on the lid?
- The tab helps when needing to take the lid off.

Is the bowl removable? Can I use a different attachment other than a bowl?
- Yes the bowl is removable. The lid has an opening that will work with any 14mm attachment.
** Please keep in mind the bowls are glass and sometimes the glass will fit differently from each other. As long as it seals in the opening it will work.

Can I drink out of it?
- That is up to you. If cleaned properly after each use, you can use it like any 20oz tumbler.

How do I clean it? How do I prevent it from smelling?
- Isopropyl alcohol or any water pipe cleaning solution will work. The downstem is removable from the lid, if you want to do a more detailed clean you can use a pipe cleaner. It is best to clean every so often to prevent it from smelling.
** Dishwashing is not recommended.

What is the best way to store it/ pack it up to take it to go?
- All of the pieces are able to fit inside of the 20oz tumbler for an easy on the go option. Which is great for anyone who wants cold smooth for beach trips, hiking, fishing, pool day, etc.

Do I need to freeze it?
- No. Just fill the cup with ice, add your desired amount of water. You can gauge how much water you need by inhaling without any attachment. If the pull feels heavy decrease water amount, if you would like a heavier pull increase water.

Won’t this make my drink taste like bong water?
- Yes, however as this is not meant to use to drink out of. This is meant to be used with fresh ice and water for a cold smooth hit.

How do I use The Polar Blast?
-Fill a 20oz tumbler full of ice
- Add your desired amount of water ( Test the heaviness of the pull before adding an attachment to gauge the hit. If it feels heavy decrease the amount of water, if you would like a heavier hit increase the amount of water.)
- Attach any 14mm piece, pull until you see your desired amount of smoke (milkiness)
- Remove attachment and inhale.
- Enjoy cold smooth hit!

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Polar Blast Lid and Assembly
Polar Blast Lid and Assembly
Polar Blast Lid and Assembly
Polar Blast Lid and Assembly
Polar Blast Lid and Assembly
Polar Blast Lid and Assembly
Polar Blast Lid and Assembly
Polar Blast Lid and Assembly

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