Quick Set Platinum Ultra UV

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Quick Set epoxy

It is the perfect epoxy for doing projects where you don't need a long work time. It has an amazing fast dry and cure time. Perfect for painted and glittered tumblers. This is a stronger more scratch resistant Epoxy with a higher amount of UV Inhibitors to prevent ambering.

FDA Compliant Resin


Heat resistant up to 500 degrees. Dries to the touch in 3-4 hours, fully cures in 72 hours. Average working time 25 minutes

Needs to be mixed 3minutes and works best in very warm low humidity temperatures

Mix in small batches due to shorter work times as it will heat up and start to cure quickly

Available in 1 quart kit and 1 gallon kit

1:1 Mixing Ratio

Quick Set Platinum Ultra UV
Quick Set Platinum Ultra UV

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